Sunday, 16 August 2009


Hello and welcome my the new blog. If you've found this somehow then don't be shy, pop in and say Hi.

This new blog has been set up to replace mostly to keep things tidy. 'DevonIain' is how I'm known on various internet social circles and the name change seemed to make sense. I've been a bit sloppy on my old blog of late and needed to get my regular updates back so hopefully a new blog will give me the incentive I need - fingers crossed!!! As I'm typing this there are no pretty pics/links etc etc etc and I'm a bit lazy so give me time, it'll come.

I guess that it's only fair and proper that there is some sort of introduction, so here it is.
I'm Iain and I live in Devon which is in the South West of the UK (that's the name explanation over). Coping with my sometimes lacklustre sometimes manic lifestyle is the long long long suffering girlfriend Shelly and our 2 year old lunatic Springer Spaniel Rosie

I've been pootling along in Triathlon for 15 years and was running on and off for a few years before that. I can swim pretty well, I can run pretty well but my biking is a bit of a let down by comparison. Biking is my weakest discipline hence it's the discipline I like the least need to train at the most but actually (of course) train at the least.

The big target this year is Ironman Florida as it was in 2004, 2005 & 2008 all of which I screwed up along with Ironman Austria 2003 and The Longest Day 2004. I'm not good at Long Distance Tri so of course I keep getting tempted back for 'one more try'. Surely this year I'll get it right!!! Don't hold your breath.

I may as well be honest from the start .......... I'm lazy and that's not helped by my diet, my job and this year of course the good old British weather. I love race days, especially local races. They're great social occasions and of course you get to race against people who could ultimately become friends and training partners. The outcome of the race never matters too much, sure it's nice to do well but I always judge my performances on how I felt rather than where I finished and who I beat or beat me. I've never been spotted collapsing over a finish line totally spent, there's always time that could have come off. Sometimes it's annoying that I haven't got that 'killer instinct' but mostly I think it helps me enjoy the sport even more. I also think my lazy attitude helps me stay healthy and injury free, in 15+ years I've never (yet) had a running injury and for someone that never warms up, warms down or stretches.

Nutrition is my biggest weakness whether socially or sporting. I'm far too attracted to junk food outlets and have never got my head around the idea of 'sports nutrition' although I have recently found a sports drink that I like the taste of which is a start (more about that later).

So that's about it I think. Am I missing anything?

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