Friday, 6 November 2009

Iron Eve.

Last day and last blog report before race day.
Today has been fairly chilled I guess. Not really the day doing nothing that I’d promised but that will surprise nobody.
After a quick hour fishing in the lagoon at the back of our apartment I had a stroll down to the beach for the Gatorade swim. I swam another steady lap of the course in the warm but choppy waters of the gulf, keeping an eye out for any shallow floating jellyfish while I swam. While I was there I found out that the Pancake Breakfast organised by the local church group was on after all and I was there like a shot. After a hearty feed I headed back to get my bike prepped for transition along with my transition bags which all had to be in the transition area by 3pm.
I wheeled my bike down to the transition area (and Shelly tripped, landing flat on her face – how I laughed!!!). With my bike racked and my bags dumped in the appropriate pile I strolled around the transition area with my ipod camera recording away while I checked out the bike porn (mostly Cervelo), then we headed to the Ironman Village in an attempt to get inspired to buy loads of goodies, it didn’t really work. So we headed back and I’ve been chilling out at the apartment ever since................... no, of course I haven’t been eating and drinking total goodness. Pop Tarts and Jelly Beans have been the taste of the day.

So, onto the plan for the race tomorrow. It’s nice and simple really.......... Swim, bike and then (hopefully) run.

The swim will just be the swim, nothing to worry about there. 55mins if all goes well, 65mins if I get beaten up at the start. It’s just the warm up.
The bike will be ridden at 120bpm. If my Heart Rate hits 125bpm I’ll be backing off. That’s a promise!!!
The run will be as good as my legs will let me go. If all goes well I’ll walk 1min every 20mins, failing that I’ll run until my legs start cramping and then I’ll walk for 1min. If that fails then I’m in trouble.

Easy isn’t it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hmmmmmm.

See you on the other side.

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Anonymous said...

GOOD LUCK IAIN. You can do it, we are all spurring you on. SMILE at the finish camera please, even a little wave may be nice.