Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Big Week?

Monday - After writing my last post I've decided to challenge myself. Can I train for 6/7 days this week? Can I crack the magical 15hr barrier that I only managed once last year. With those thoughts ringing in my ears and helped along by a rare early finish at work I hopped onto the turbo trainer and knocked out the Spinervals Week 8 session I have sitting in a folder on my computer. 50mins later and I've successfully kept up my target of hitting the turbo at least once every week and I've also trained on a Monday, traditionally one of the days I struggle with so much.

Tuesday - Already work is looking to throw a spanner in the works of this weeks training challenge. For every short day at work like yesterday (it was still 10hrs) there's payback. Today was payback with a nice 14.5hr stint and the knowledge that I'll be back at work just 9hrs after I left there. No training!!!!! The 7 day week is already dead in the water.

Wednesday - Oh dear, dear, dear. What a disaster! All day I've been planning my training and working out how I can get these remaining 14hrs done in 5 days. It's another 13.5hrs at work but I've got tomorrow off to rest and train. Then it all goes wrong............ "Any chance you can work tomorrow?" "I wouldn't ask, but we're desperate." - Aaaaaargh!!! I can't really afford to turn it down if it's offered, money is money after all and living takes precedence over training. So as I type this it's another day of no training, just 10hrs off work and I fully expect that tomorrow night will be just 9hrs off work so there will be no training going on then either. So much for pushing towards a big week, things are going totally the opposite way. Grrrrrrrrrr.

Thursday - Blasted around Dorset today for work and managed to sneak out of there before dark. I'm used to having two days a week off but my concience starts playing up when it stretches to three, so I grabbed the pup and headed out of the door for a swift 5 miler.

Friday - Finally the working week is over (although I found out it's another 65hrs+ next week :-( ). Back nice and early I had time to test out the new Asics Hyper-Speeds on my regular Swing Bridge 7 miler. After that it was off to see the Doc and be fed more BS about why I've had a cough for 10years+. I'm sure they think it's in my imagination. I managed to come away from there with a hospital appointment for a chest x-ray but it seemed more a way to get me out of the surgery than a genuine hope for a solution. Later than night was my normal squad swim including a handy (for me) 5:15 for a 400m TT, not my fastest ever, but my fastest so far in 2010.

Saturday - I managed to put in my longest ride of the year so far today. 50miles on my old hybrid shopper. Was supposed to be meeting a clubmate but I was late (as normal) so I missed him. Still a decent session and the first time I've been out on the bike and not frozen. Is Spring on the way? Followed the bike a couple of hours later with a run over Braunton Burrows with my clubmate James. It was a nice easy tester for the Walsh PB's that had turned up on Friday morning. Thankfully all was well as I'll need them to be on form for Grizzly next week.

Sunday - Taunton Aquathlon! As I type this the final standings haven't been put online and I think I might do seperate posts for race reports so I'll tell you more about that at a later date (I won by the way!!!). The day was soured by Man Utd beating Aston Villa in the League Cup Final :-(

Think that'll do for now. I never really know how to finish these posts off!!!!!

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