Monday, 15 March 2010

Week 10 - it's a bad one.

Last week wasn't a good one for training. After Grizzly my blisters, especially the one at the back of my heel, were giving my all sorts of problems and I was struggling to walk. This was a bit annoying because my legs felt fine.
Monday and Tuesday I did nothing, but the plan was then to hammer myself as from Wednesday I'm off work until the 22nd.
Wednesday though, my first day off, I still did nothing other than hobble around the house.
Finally on Thursday (bouyed by a new pack of Compeed plasters) I decided that I'd got to do something so I took Rosie pup out for one of our regular runs along the Tarka Trail. I fully expected to turn around fairly early and hobble back home but amazingly my heel blister actually hurt less when I was running so we put in 8.8 miles. Once I'd stopped though I couldn't get my trainers off quickly enough, after run was evil pain, although after watching Part 2 of Eddie Izzard - Marathon Man I refuse to complain about blisters ever again (until I forget). Later in the day I headed off to the shed and completed my Spinervals - Week 10 session on the turbo trainer to keep the every week' streak going and that night I went out for a rare appearence at the Running Club and joined in the interval session. The combination of bike & run sessions totally trashed me.
Friday morning I woke up aching from the previous days beastings so I took the pup over Braunton Burrows in the morning for a steady run along the trails where we could run as much (or as little) as we wanted. We ended up putting a nice steady 10miles in which was nice and far more than I expected. The rest of the day was taken up meeting Shelly for lunch, getting my chest X-ray'd hoping to find a cure for this cough/xiphoid problem (no chance!!) and visiting my old tri buddy Mike who was recently knocked off his bike by an asshole hit & run motorist resulting in a fractured pelvis (read more here). The evening was my normal Squad swim session, a tough little beastie with plenty of Butterfly in it and a nice sneaky 400m TT at the end which always helps a session to finish on a high note.
Saturday was a training write off because I had to attend a day course for work and then we were out in the evening for a friends 40th birthday.
Sunday started well with a lumpy 7.5mile run before the Tri Club's 9am swim session. It all went a bit pear shaped after that though although I did get a little bit of garden rubbish moved about at the expense of any training.

So I just managed to squeak 7hrs of training in, but only actually trained on 3 days, not really good enough on a working week never mind a week when I only work for half of it.

Score: C- Must do better (story of my life).

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