Monday, 26 April 2010

Blogging Slacker

I've been seriously bad at updating my blog lately, I don't think anyone noticed though. It started when I seemed to lose the plot after my big week. I'm not sure whether the tablets I got off the quack was having an adverse effect or if I came down with a chest infection that was affecting quite a few of my clubmates. Either way I seemed to struggle every time I trained and my regular cough started being accompanied by a tight chest which made deep breathing a struggle.

After that I kept promising myself an update but I either felt I'd got nothing to write about or adversely I'd got too much to write about and couldn't decide where to start, so maybe the best option is to quickly sum up the last months happenings and continue from here. There was even a point two weeks ago where I was going to sit in front of my camera and just post me talking guff. That would no doubt only serve to scare off the few people who do occasionally stumble across this page though.

So here goes..... the week after my last post I raced my In-Club Triathlon. It's possibly the toughest Sprint Tri course you'll find anywhere, tough as a pig it is. I had a shocker, I was coughing, my chest was tight and I possibly had the longest transitions in history. I led out of the water, was 4th by the time I left T1, came ito T2 in 2nd place and stopped for a lie down in the back of the car. I left T2 a minute or two later in 3rd place and jogged around the run course. Shocking performance, but if you're going to have a bad day then it's best to have it at a fun race.

Through April I've only trained 20 days but have still got close to 40hrs of training in. Most weeks have involved me taking Monday & Tuesday (maybe Wednesday) off and then putting in big hours (mostly on the bike) over the weekend. There have been a couple of steady Wimbleball (IMUK 70.3) recce's with my clubmates and I managed a sneaky win at the Burnham on Sea Aquathlon. That's about it really.

So onto May and hopefully I'll get my head around blogging a bit more. Rosie pup has her first ever 'official' race this Sunday when she competes in the Canix Neolithic Half Marathon which finishes at Stonehenge. We had a trial run on Wednesday when I made her stay on the lead as she'll be at the race. She didn't enjoy it as much as when she's free to roam and I came out of it with a small tweak in my groin. Hopefully we'll get round ok though, the distance won't be a problem, it's more a test of how Rosie will cope with having to stay so close and run a consistant pace and whether my new niggle will get any worse. I'd love to say we'll get around in 90mins (I'd say 80-85mins if she could be off the lead) but it's going to be a bit of a learning experience and toilet/drink breaks will be just as much of a new thing as the way we're going to have to run. I might see if I can rig up my ipod somehow and take some video as we run, don't hold me to it though.

Think that will do for now, I'll try not to leave it so long next time - honest!!

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