Saturday, 23 October 2010

Frayed Edges

Ok, I promise this is going to be my last Ironman Hawaii post until I find out I've got a starring role in the TV broadcast version (or maybe not). I'm sat here at home, the weather is awful and I've no need to go out and train, it's great. There are so many jobs that I could be doing around the house that I'm still trying to avoid but haven't got an excuse to any more, that's not so great.

This will be a bit of a random post, a couple of things I forgot off the last post, a couple of interesting and/or inspiring things from the race, just a jumble or stuff really.
First up, a thank you that I forgot....... In 2009 NICK ROSE raced Ironman Hawaii, this year he watched online and posted a great BLOG POST about it. Pretty much as soon as I qualified he sent me an email detailing his Kona experience and giving me bundles of hints and tips which helped me (ok, it helped Shelly) organise our trip. Without his input the whole thing would have been a whole lot more hassle and probably more expensive for it. Next year Nick is getting married AND racing Ironman Wales, not sure which is the biggest challenge. At Ironman Wales he WILL qualify for Kona 2012 and I look forward to watching being his online supporter. Thanks Nick, I owe you a beer.
Another quick mention I should do is to BRYAN If you follow him on TWITTER then good luck, if you're the timid, sensitive type you might want to leave alone as he regularly has an X-rating. His BLOG is an amazing read though, so much better than this bilge. He does things the right way and combines his love of Ironman with his love of beer very well. He's got some amazing videos from Kona which are well worth a watch and if you scroll back then the story of how he's progressed from fatty to fitty will be an inspiration to anybody. BRYAN, it was an honour to meet you in Kona, you're a top bloke ................ and yes, I drink like a wuss!!!!
As I wheeled my bike into transition before the race I managed to take a pic of an old tired looking single speed BMX bike that was perched on the racking. Of course I had to look up the results to see how he got one and then a bit of Googling discovered the whole WEBSITE about the man and his 'OLD SCHOOL' fund raising efforts. Have a click on the links, it's worth a look. Top job ;-) Finally (I think) check out RAJESH DURBAL, a triple amputee who completed Ironman Hawaii. Scarier still (for me) was the fact that he swam 1h18m!!! Need a bit of inspiration? Legs feeling a bit tired today? You're feeling nothing!!!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Iain, for a great trip from your preparations from IM FLA to now finishing the ultimate tri goal (at least in my book). You are an inspiration and an excellent ambassador for triathlon.

Rosey said...

Cheers mate, as someone already said it was a pleasure following you and glad any advice I gave helped in the planning, look forward to the decision you make for next years big race.