Saturday, 12 March 2011

Enough Already!!!

Ok, I apologise. From the bottom of my heart I apologise!! To whoever the great God of Health and Fitness is, I take your point, I understand!! I promise to NEVER brag to people about never getting injured or sick!!! It happens, even to people like me, it happens!! If anybody hear me muttering such things again you have my full permission to give me a slap and tell me to shut the hell up! That bragging conversation was over 2 months ago and has since been followed by 1 week of sickness, a month with a back/hamstring injury, a week attempting to get a little fitness back and now this latest assault on my body, some sore throat & cough issue. The bug has just had Shelly off work and curled up in a ball so I can't say the arrival came as a total surprise. I'm now just hoping that my body shrugs it off a lot quicker than hers did because the last thing I need is another two weeks on the shelf.
Today I should be down on the South Coast of Devon racing The Grizzly 20 'country miles' of hills, mud, pebble beach and general fun stuff. That entry has gone to a good friend of mine though as even before this latest illness I was in no shape at all for the battering the race gives you. It's been a constant feature on my race calander since 2000 and will be a big miss, especially considering the fact that right now it's a beautiful day and there have been so few of them in the race history. I'm getting close to the point where I'm going to have to make a decision regarding Ironman Florida. I'm still not really any more certain, but every day I spend not training makes me think about the financially sensible option of not going, but then I get a few decent days in and I start thinking good thoughts again, it's 'only' money (that I haven't got) after all :-D
So that's about it I'm afraid. Still no significant training to report, just more lurgie news and indecision I'm afraid. Hopefully I can now make my peace with the Fitness Gods and get back to something meaningful soon.

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