Tuesday, 3 May 2011

I'm back (for now)

I really must sort this blog out. Half my piccies at the side are 'x', my results are still last years and of course I update if far too infrequently. Hopeless I am!!
Still at least the training has picked up a bit and three solid 11hrs weeks helped me finish April with 43h40m of training (my biggest April since 2005), 17hrs up on my biggest month so far this year. So much for the 10% increases :-D
To add to the increased training I've had a few decent workouts which have shown that although the year started poorly I haven't actually lost too much.
A couple of weeks ago I raced my local 10mile TT and finished just 4 seconds off my pb, despite the saddle coming loose after 8 miles and hanging down at 45 degrees by the end of the course. Last week I was 40 seconds slower, but this was the day after completing the 2nd Chivenor Duathlon where I managed to finish 1m20secs ahead of my club pal Chris who beat me by a similar distance in the 1st event. Then on Sunday I did the Tri Club's swim session for an hour and followed it with an 18mile run, my longest run this year by 6miles. The pace wasn't anything to jump up and down about, but it was a tough and hilly course and I was very happy to finish feeling comfortable and able to do more.

So what is coming up? Well I've got Taunton Sprint Tri on the 15th May. I haven't done the race for a few years and harbour secret ambitions to beat my course pb which I think is 1:03:23 from 2006 although I'll no doubt train as normal up to and through the event so I won't be too concerned if I miss it.

That's about it really. Nothing else to report. I'll try to be a little more interesting next time.

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