Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Ikkle Sis's Burnham Race Report

This will no way be either as long or possibly as interesting as Iain's race report, but he asked me to do this for some strange reason.

I last did Burnham Sprint triathlon in 2007. Always loved the race as it has a flat bike and I get to see Iain and Shelly. I had booked to stay at Warren Farm in Brean from the Friday to the Monday. We arrived to pitch our tent on the Friday to RAIN!!!!! Saturday seemed better and I was hopeful of the usual sunny weather for this race but it wasn’t to be

I am notoriously known for being early. I could never rock up with 5 mins to spare as Iain does. I flap too much. So at 6am I was in the tent getting breakfast for me and my 3 sons. I had planned to take them to the race with me but as the weather was so crap they stayed with my dad in the warmth and shelter of the caravan.
At 7.30am I left the campsite with my mom as support crew. She was the only one daft enough to brave the rain and wind we were having.
When I got there I realised I had not stuck my sticker on my bike so made a dash to registration to get a new sticker and racked my bike. My bike was straight outside the swim exit. Not sure if I liked this or not as it seemed a long run down to where I could get on my bike.

So my start time was 8.50am. By 8.20am I was in the changing rooms waiting for my number to be called. I have known this race to have 6 in a lane but it was quite nice with 4. You were left to argue who went where, but we seemed to figure we stayed in number order. I caught the girl in front of me but we were the same speed once I had her and I had that mind game of to pass or not to pass. I decided against it. I didn’t want to push my shoulder too much as it still isn’t 100%.

Out to the bike, the rain was still coming and the wind was horrendous. On route there was a nasty side wind which was actually dangerous in places. Pretty eventless on the bike apart from an incident with a horsebox who couldn’t get past a parked car so I had to stop and wait. Other than that I stayed on my tribars all the way round (a first for me) and actually past 2 people on the bike (another first). The only race I have ever past anyone on the bike is this race and last time it was Patrick Barnes (see below) and Iain says that doesn’t count.
Into transition for the run and this is where I realised I couldn’t feel my fingers or my feet. This didn’t help with getting my helmet off or my shoes on.
The run……hmmm, what can I say about the run. I hated every step of it. I really need to work on this. I seem to be the only person who does an Ironman shuffle for a 5k. The way back in along the beach was especially hated, I felt like I was running on the spot in places, and the finish seemed so far away and took so long to get to.
The result……….well when I did this race in 2007 I did a swim of 9.53, bike 45.58 and a run of 42.42, giving me a total of 1.38.33
This year I did swim of 9.18, bike of 43.05 and run of 36.48 giving me a total of 1.30.37!!!!!!! In the weather we had……I’m happy with that
Next race Hereford. …..wonder if I’ll beat last years time

Wondering who Patrick Barnes is? Click HERE RIP fella!


Anonymous said...

Forgot to say I met some wonderful people too, including Chiara (above) and Michelle Blakemore (Ironmeschee on twitter) :)

Iain, I never told you to add pictures!!!!!!

Iain said...

You didn't tell me NOT to add pictures though :-p

Ist that Blakemore or Blackmore? Either one scares me :-)

Austin said...

Well done!!! :D

yaagTRI said...

Great effort that, weather looks horrible, surprised you didn't want to give it a miss! I think i might have, I'm too soft for rain and wind!

is the run on the sand? That's a bit brutal, you smashed that time from last year!!! congrats.

p.s..pictures are cool ;)