Thursday, 2 June 2011

With a little help from my friends

As Joe Cocker, The Beatles, or if you're like me The Wonder Years used to say. I get by with a little help from my friends.

Last months training involved 'a lot' of help from my friends! There was also a lot on 'non-training' going on though. In fact I only trained for 20 of the 31 days, although on the occasions I did train I averaged more than 2hrs a day which ended up being a 44hr month. My biggest month of training since September and my biggest May total since 2004. I won't kid myself though as a big chunk of that total was achieved over the Bank Holiday weekend we've just had.
So where's all the friend stuff come in you ask? Well here's the thing. I know that for some people the idea of me being a 'lazy Ironman' is hard to understand, but it's true. In this last fortnight we've had some damn awful weather and I've put in my normal 'big hours' at work but I still managed to put in 23.5hrs of training which for me is huge (not by most Ironman standards). The thing is that of those less than 8hrs of my training was done alone and if I take running the pup out of the totals then I only did 3.5hrs truly solo.
So thanks to Chris, Phill, Tim, Dave and anyone else who's willing do drag my sorry ass out of the door for some training. It's appreciated, no matter what it is. Any training is better than no training, so keep it up (please)!

In other news, if anybody happened to pick up a copy of Trail Running Magazine you may have noticed some ugly fella clambering out of a lorry on page 118. That'll be me, they'll take anybody on these days :-)

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