Friday, 30 November 2012

Lazy Dayz

Hello. Good Evening. Welcome. To nothing much! (Carter USM - 1992) ........... always reminds me of Kevin and Perry!!

That about sums up my training in the 7 weeks since Ironman. Tomorrow is the 1st December though and my expanding waist line says I need to get back to some training. I've still no idea what I'm training for though, there is nothing on the horizon outside of a few very vague possibilities.

Of course with the lack of training has come a lack of blog posting, but that's nothing new this year really. I did think about stirring up some controversy and writing some posts that explained my views on a bundle of subjects, but the truth is I really can't be bothered to argue the toss with people who disagree with me and there would be plenty (if anybody actually read the guff I wrote).

So what's the plan for 2013? Who knows!! I managed to make it past November 4th without entering Ironman Florida and if I'm honest I had no wish to hit the button and enter, I feel quite happy about calling it a day with Ironman after Kona. I need to get run fit because I fancy returning to a couple of Marathons next year, I missed my traditional Cornish Marathon season closer which I was gutted about. I'm never fit when I go there, just force myself round on what remains of Ironman fitness, but this year I seriously doubt I'd have even been able to finish.

Shelly's brother is getting married next year, it just happens to be in Nottingham the day before the Outlaw Middle Distance Tri. I've put in for the Monday off work and Outlaw have just opened up for another 200 entries, it may be that entries are full by the time I know though so that'll be in the lap of the gods. Who knows if I'd be in any shape to complete a half the day after a wedding anyway, it's rude not to look into it though ;-).

Outside of that everything is up in the air. I keep threatening to do some Ultra Distance runs but I'm not sure I'll ever be dedicated to put in the training mileage for that, especially when I have to swim and bike too. Ultra's and Sprint Tri's, what a combination that would make! I'm sure the season will pan out somehow, even if I just do a load of the small local races I enjoy so much it'll make for a full calender.

One last little thought......... The Olympic/Sprint Triathlon World Championships are coming to London next year. No I won't be making any attempt to qualify for them #NoInterest! Just in case you were wondering :-D

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Chi said...

Hey come on! I want your controversial ramblings!
PS, Burnham have moved their Oly distance race to July :-)