Sunday, 31 March 2013

More stuff about nothing

Ahh here we go again. Another blog post, another month and still very little to report. April is around the corner though (although the weather is still firmly stuck in February) so things are about to get more active whether I'm ready for them or not - Starting with next week!

I've finally started losing a few lbs and am now only a 3lb or so heavier than I was this time last year, it's dropping slowly so I'm not too concerned about that. Not quite the Fat Bastard that I was last month. Training is a totally different thing though with swimming being missed most Friday's due to other commitments and biking (whatever that is) almost totally missing from the training log. Running has plodded along ok, although I seemed to have changed from the man who never gets injured to the man who's always carrying some form of injury.

Last post I made mention of a knee injury which thankfully has cleared up without any problems. Only thing is, it's been replaced by a calf problem which seems to have appeared from nowhere. As it's the same leg as my knee problem I can only presume it's some sort of over compensation issue which has shown it's ugly face. Annoyingly though it doesn't seem to be getting any better (or worse) no matter what I do. I've rested it with no effect and run on it with no after effects although I must look quite funny running uphill with one foot running on my toes and the other forced into the most blatant heel strike going. Even with all that going on I'm pretty confident it'll get around next weekend's Taunton Marathon ok, even though it might not be my best performance - As it's a two lap course I will have the (unlikely) option of bailing out half way if there's a problem.

As the pic below shows I'm really not joking when I say my biking has come to a bit of a standstill, I'm soon to find out just how much of a standstill as the annual In-Club tri is just two weeks away. Last year I was fairly fit and I think it's fair to say I won with a 'substantial' margin, this year I fear I may be on the receiving end of a bit of a trouncing myself!! It's no surprise that a few of my clubmates are pushing for a bike ride that's a little longer than the norm........
I'm half tempted to rock up at the race with my old hybrid bike (the shopper) and take a little of the pressure off. On the other hand though it may do me good to have a bit of a hammering, it might just be the knock I need to get me into gear for the upcoming season. Not forgetting of course that I've got a Half Ironman distance race in just two months from now.

So that's about it, there's not a lot to report. Training is slack, I'm carrying a bit of a niggle and I've got races(???) on the horizon. What more can there be? I'll try to post after Taunton next week, unless I have a disaster in which case I'll probably just get drunk instead. I need to start getting some bike miles in soon, maybe even tomorrow............... although it is April Fools day so I'll let you make your own minds up about that :-D


Lena said...

Looks like we're having a similar year so far Iain, lack of swimming and cycling, carrying a few extra lbs and annoying persistent injury resulting in wierd running style.
But I am in no doubt that we can pull this around. Keep the faith you can do this. Wishing you an active April

Damian said...

Ever thought of stretching and buying a foam roller?? Time to join the world of the aged! ;)