Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Weekend Warrior

So Vitalyte asked their 1000 Twitter followers "Are you a Weekend Warrior" and I said "Hell Yeah". They asked my what my training involved, I told them and they said "Hell Yeah, you are. We'll send you some stuff to try out.". Now that's my kind of deal. I'll train, you send me stuff to try and I'll tell you 100% honestly what I think - job done :-D . Watch this space and I'll let you know how it goes.
On a similar subject I recently and totally randomly had an email from Reflex Nutrition asking me if I'd like to try a sample of their sports drink. Never one to turn down an offer I said "Yes please" and a few days later a huge box arrived with a 1.5kg tub of The Edge in it for me to try and share out amongst my clubmates. Nice!
Now before you read anything at all into this I'd like to explain that I know diddly squat about nutrition, a fact that is proven at every Ironman I do once I hit the run course and explode. What I do know is that (to me) The Edge is the best tasting energy drink I've ever had. The 'orange burst' tastes like orange with no chalky or tangy after tastes. It's like drinking an orange cordial that just happens to be full of the stuff I need to keep moving. Have a browse around their website and it will tell you all the nutritional gubbins that goes right over my head, what's good for me though is the fact that I like the taste and because I like the taste I drink more. No longer do I go out on a 60mile bike ride loaded up with drink and finish it having only got through half a bottle. If drinking more means I'm more likely to succeed in Florida on 7th Nov then I'm all up for it, even if it means I'm going to have to shell out cash money to buy some myself.

Enough of the stuff I know nothing about, lets get back to the 'Weekend Warrior' training, some of it will be a recap on my last post but here goes.....

Friday - I ran to my evening one hour long Squad Swim Session 13.5miles away after a 14hr work day that started at 2am
Saturday - I met a group from my Tri Club for a bike ride. After 50miles they all returned home and I carried on for another 30miles - feeling a bit tired now.
Sunday - A training morning with clubmate Tim. First we hammered around a local 20mile course on the bikes in 57mins although to be honest, he hammered and I just hung on for dear life. After the TT effort we rode to the local track where we ran 3x10x100m.
Bank Holiday Monday - Back out on the bike with Tim and another regular training buddy (Phill) for 70miles and 6,000ft of climbing over Exmoor. On the tougher climbs I was really struggling, but as the distance went on and the hills less severe I stopped getting dropped and even did the dropping a couple of times.

So that's it, 13.5hrs of training in a 60hr period and now it's back to 13+hr days at work with my normal mix of 2, 3 & 4am starts. Today? Ok, I'll admit it. I'm hanging after the weekend so I'm having the day off. Back to it tomorrow though in a reduced capacity and then come the weekend? Well who knows, but there's every possibility it will involve a long bike ride on Friday, a long bike ride on Saturday and then there's just a little jog in the Midlands on Sunday when I do Wolverhampton Marathon, I still haven't worked out what I'll have on my feet yet and no .... I won't be after a pb.

Ahhh the joys of training for an Ironman. Roll on November 8th when I can rest, rest, rest, rest.

In other news - I recently bunged off an email to the JBST Smartcast about my favourite subject of late 'Newtons'. I thought Joe and Alan gave a nice well thought out response to the question, although that may just be because on the whole their views seemed to mirror my own.

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IronTriTim said...

Hills??? Floridas flat :-) Get in the sauna and feel the heat.