Monday, 2 November 2009

Hello from PCB :-)

Yay! We’re here at Panama City Beach. The holiday can now start for real.

After a pretty good night of sleep in Atlanta we fuelled up with a good hearty breakfast (I fuelled up several times) before hitting the road for PCB. After an initial circuit of the roads surrounding the hotel trying to work out which way we were heading (oops) we set off on the 300+ mile drive. It all went pretty well and we only missed one turn which didn’t cause too much trouble. The hire car is more than adequate, not quite the monster thing we had last year but it’s comfy, got plenty of space and all mod cons including a dinky rear view camera with a picture that magically appears in the rear view mirror – sweet! The only thing missing is XM Radio which means I can’t go out for a drive in the morning and listen to Chris Moyles on Radio 1, there is however an XM preview which is there just to tease.

Picking the car up was odd. We’d booked in advance so you rock up to the stand at the airport and go through all the details, then you have to catch a shuttle bus to a compound. Once you’re there the bus driver asks what type of car you’ve ordered and then says “They’re over there, the keys are in them, help yourself”. Ok, so you then have to book it out as you leave the compound but you do literally have a row of 10-20 cars to choose from, all different. I of course chose the only one with leather guessing that it was likely to be the best specced and other than the radio it hasn’t let me down. It’s even got a phone which we found out about when it rang just after we’d picked it up, only for it to be a wrong number.

So now we’re here and although the suitcases are all still packed we’ve already had out first visits to The Mall and to Walmart where we spotted several Triathletes walking around filling their baskets with fruit, veg and healthy goodness. There only seemed to be one Triathlete walking around with beer, cookies, pop tarts and sweeties in their basket. You don’t need to know who that was!!

The plan was to go for a run today, but it’s pitch black outside now and PCB hasn’t got the best street lighting so I’ll leave it until tomorrow. I’ll put my bike together later but can’t ride it until I’ve been out to but some gas canisters and a pump, hopefully that will be tomorrow afternoon but it can wait if needs be. For now though I’m writing this out before heading out to sit in the car near reception so I can get wireless access while Shell indulges in her love for ‘Bones’ as she’s found it showing on TNT there’s no moving her. If she’s not having to move though she’s happy at the moment because her back is totally shafted. There’s a diet of pain killers going on and any movement is having to be carefully thought though and carefully carried out. Fingers crossed she gets on with the bed here or she could be in for a tough couple of weeks.

I’ll try to get some pics and stuff up from here soon. I can’t promise anything though, internet coverage is a bit limited.

Until next time – Be Good ;-)


Anonymous said...

Retired Ironman???? How about you come out of this said retirement in a few year when/if I am ready to do another???? PPPPPLLLLEEEAAASSSEEE

Good luck for the race and please a good finishing shot over the line, we will all be watching you again


richiec said...

Just found this blog ( very good ! ), so will be keeping an eye on progress over the next few days. This is going to be your year, believe it !
Love to Michelle, make sure you spend all his money !