Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Quick update

In a feeble attempt to keep this daily(ish) here's a late night update on todays going's on.

Woke up at 5am which is 11am UK time so it's not too bad. Emptied my suitcase and built up my bike while Shell slept.
Went out for a swift 4.5mile morning run @ 6:25 pace to try out my Nike Marathoners, I still haven't decided what I'm running(???) in yet, I'll try the Brooks T6's tomorrow. Headed out to some local shops and bought myself a pretty new iPod Nano with a video camera feature so watch out for upcoming video's from the race site once I've figured out how to use the thing. Also today I met the chap who's riding the bike for the lead runner on Saturday, he's from a local run shop where we spent even more cash. I told him I looked forward to a long chat while he was riding with me ;-D . After that it was back to the apartment and just time to take my bike to the nearest race mechanic to have it tweaked and get the tyres pumped up. Quick blast on the bike as it got dark - 7.3miles in 19mins.

The only downside to the day so far is that I appear to have misplaced/lost/left at home the connecting dock for my Garmin 305. At best this means I'll either find it or find somewhere I can buy a new one, at worst it means I'll be racing on 'percieved effort' which is probably no great problem as I'm far more chilled about this race than before. If I race without then so be it.

Tomorrows plan is to sneak in a repeat of todays run wearing my T6's then hit the bike for 20-30 steady aero miles. Then it'll no doubt be an afternoon in the Ironman Village spending plenty of $'s.

Now though I need to stop piggy backing peoples WiFi and get back to the apartment. I've a glass of Drambuie with my name on it.

I'll try to be back tomorrow........... Maybe with added iPod video footage, who knows.

Thanks for the comments folks. You know I'll be hauling ass for at least 1 mile of the run course ;-)

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Ironrav said...

Cool update Iain! Do us proud mate. Oh and no meatfeast until after the race eh?