Friday, 27 November 2009

Hey, it's MOvember

I've been getting some odd looks lately, nothing new there you may think, I'm always getting odd looks. Lately those looks have come from people that know me and are wondering why I've got stupid facial hair growth. I'm very rarely clean shaven because I'm just too lazy to shave regularly but on the days I do shave then everything comes off, I certainly don't walk sporting a moustache without any reason. The facial hair was in evidence last year too but that time it was accompanied by my rediculous green haircut which distracted peoples gaze from any facial fungus I may have been sprouting (such a flattering pic).

So, if you don't know about Movember then rather than have me trying to explain and taking two paragraphs just click here and have a look for yourself. It's all for a good cause.

So now that's out of the way it's time for a training update - erm, erm, erm - ah well you see ................ I haven't really got anything done so there's not a lot to report other than a 12.5mile run with the pup on Wednesday. I'm still chillin and getting fat and it's now 20 days since I last swam or rode my bike.............. heck it's been 20 days since Ironman, how time flies.

There was a nice piece about my race in the local paper the North Devon Gazette (page 85) which has led to a few congratulatory emails and a bit of excitement at work, there was also a smaller piece in the North Devon Journal which was nice too. It feels kind of uncomfortable having people I know congratulating me, I'm not really a publicity seeker (despite this blog) and generally keep what I do outside of work away from work. There's no real reason for it other than I can't imagine how anybody other than a triathlete would have any interesting in my trip to Florida, or my impending trip to Hawaii.

Maybe I should jump up and down shouting about it more, start writing to companies exagerating how great I am and chasing sponsorship, but that's not me, I prefer to do things on the quiet. People who know me will no doubt get fed up of me talking Hawaii this and Hawaii that but that's their own fault for knowing me ;-)

Anyway, that'll do for now. By my next post I PROMISE that I will have started training again. I've got a big race next weekend after all.

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