Sunday, 13 December 2009

Christmas Aquathlon

I guess that as I haven't posted for a couple of weeks I'd better start with last weekends race. I wrote a wee blog report for the Tri Club HERE after the race which has the basics in it. My race was great fun as always. After a morning spent setting stuff up and setting off all the race day athletes it was time for 6 of us to put down our marshal bibs and jump into the pool for the final send off. Off on the 600m swim I set out much faster than my normal metronome pace as I knew people would use me for pacing and it would confuse them (:-D). After 200m though I eased back off the gas and bimbled through the last 400m at my normal effort. Out of the water in around 8:15 I proceeded to put on my race gear of Hawaiian stylee grass skirt, seashell bra, lei and flowery bracelets. Unfortunatly a slight wardrobe malfunction (my bra fell apart - sympathy vote please girls) meant I was stuck in transition for 3 mins and by the time I left there the rest of my wave were out on the run course ahead. I picked up my video ipod and headed out of the door for the 5k run looking forward to capturing some cracking race day footage.

Soon I was catching people, first on the radar was Phill who was dressing in his 4 year old son's Batman outfit, very fetching!!!

Soon he was dispatched with a wave at the video camera (I think it was a wave anyway) and my next target for the video was just ahead, this took the rediculous form of Club Chairman James who's amazing Mary and Jesus creation was something to behold. He made the crib/pram himself, check out those wheels. Once Mary, Jesus and the Newtons were dispatched it was time for Dave 'Kung Fu' Spencer and Little Miss Christmas Lotty. Now the only one left was Club Sec Mark whos below par effort of fancy dress was a Christmas Hat and a Speedo Wedgie, much as I tried though he was getting no closer and I had to concede defeat.

Once the 'racing' was over it was time for the presentation, another of my duties for the day. When the final results came out I was 5th, but we all know I won really. The first 2 overall were far too young to beat me (12 and 13) so they should have been DQ'd for their downright cheek. Mark was 3rd but of course running with no top means a DQ and 4th place was 1st woman so she doesn't count. Therefore I won by default - Champion :-D. It's amazing how high you can place when you have control of the results - of course, with it being a Christmas fun race I allowed all those cheating, 3ft tall, wrong sex people to believe that they beat me. We all know the truth though.

It was only when I got home later and prepared to release my video nasty to the world that I realised I'd screwed it all up. Every time I thought I was turning the recorder on or off I was doing the exact opposite, hence lots of video of my flowing grass skirt and legs but none of the actual race - Doh!!

The next post will follow very shortly, not tonight though I need my beauty sleep. In it I'll 'attempt' to go through the crazy things that happened last night at the North Devon Tri Christmas/Presentation Party. I'm still struggling to get my head around it, but I REALLY do belong to THE GREATEST TRIATHLON CLUB IN THE WORLD!!!! When you read about it you'll agree!!

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BrennanAnnie said...

These pictures made my day. What a fun race. Wish I was there to run it. What would I be? Umm, I will have to come up with a costume for my super hero persona - Annie the Crazy Short Girl! BTW, Happpy Birthday! Forty isn't too bad. I swear I go faster after forty.