Friday, 12 February 2010

Diary start.


A good start to the new Training Diary format of the blog. I did no training. It's rare that I'll ever have anything to write on a Monday or Tuesday because work and a lack of sleep at the beginning of the week tend to wipe me out. Today was helped along by my legs being trashed after a stupid track session on Sunday where I ran 3 x 10 x 200m and 1 x 400m. The session itself wasn't stupid, it was the fact that straight after I just jumped in the car and drove home, not even a couple of steady laps to shake the legs out. Lactic Acid Legs Ahoy!!


Every bit as slack as Monday. Another 13hr day after a 4am start at work was simply enough.


Seem to have been a bit injury prone today. Firstly I jumped from the cab of my lorry and before my feet hit the ground my ass cheek hit the step with me in full flight. The immediate pain was excruciating but now that it's calmed down I suspect I've just bruised myself. A few days of uncomfortable sitting lie ahead.
After work I took Rosie out for a run along the Tarka Trail into town. Half way around the town (4miles from home) I put my foot on the edge of a kerb stone and turned my ankle through some rediculous angle. Again the pain was sickening but after a few mins of swearing, and checking I decided that it's probably only bruising and continued the run. It'll be uncomfortable for a week, but I've got very strong ankles and expect everything to be fine in the long term.


An odd day today. I was off work as I quite often am on a Thursday (silly European rules) and Shelly was off work sick and in bed. I'll blame her for my lack of training because she's an easy target :-) but in truth I just had a lazy streak in me all day. I did manage to complete Week 6 of my Spinervals turbo trainer workouts and then I got a message from Peter Stephens asking about meeting up to take some pics. Click on his name and check out some of his amazing Panoramic work, this guy really knows his stuff. He wanted to take some bike style pics and it gave me the perfect excuse to get out of any planned training, all I needed to do was take my Tri bike out of the box it's been in since IM Florida and put it together. Ooooooh dear!!!!! If ever you're going to pack your bike away for the winter then CLEAN IT FIRST!!!!! My bike is a mess. It's last ride was IM Florida where it had energy drink sprayed over it constantly for 5hrs. Energy drink goes mouldy when sat in a box for 4 months. It wasn't/isn't a pretty sight and will take an age to clean properly. A quick phonecall later though and I was heading over to my LBS and borrowing a £5,000 Ceepo bike off them. Sweeeet!! We then spent an hour or so on a beautiful (but freezing cold) day on the Tarka Trail taking pics and no doubt causing some tongues to wag as people using the trail came past wondering what the hell was going on. After the photoshoot there was just time to go home and eat, shower and sleep before my 1am Friday alarm call.

Hopefully the pics will all turn out well and I'll put a link up to them as soon as I have one.


Today I've just been a total wreck. I managed to struggle through my day at work and got home around 4pm. I'd popped into a running shop in Exeter while I was out and had hoped to leave there with a new pair of racing flats (to replace my beloved Brooks T6's) and/or a new pair of serious off road shoes in readiness for The Grizzly. They hadn't got either in my size so I came away empty handed and this seemed to put any thoughts of training right on the back burner. I was now feeling totally wiped out and when Shelly got home from work she insisted that I went to bed for an hour. I managed to get out of the pit (just) for my squad swim session at Northam which was a bit of a beastie but great fun. Then home for food and hopefully bed before midnight. We'll see.


A good start to today when Shelly let me sleep in, which meant she was up with the mutt at 5am. Woke around 8:00, had breakfast and got ready for my 10am bike ride. Quite often I tell folks in my Tri Club what I'm up to at the weekend and invite them to join me. This of course has benifits all round, my benifit is that it then commits me to go out and do what I've promised. Most times nobody will show but today I had the company of Stevie D (otherwise known as Havoc) for the majority of my 40mile bike ride. Today was cold and I was under dressed for it. I felt fine when I left the house and even wondered if I was wearing too much, but the wind was pure evil and when you rode into a headwind it cut through you like a knife. By the time I dropped Steve off we were both freezing so I 'rode it like I stole it' from then on in a bid to get my heart pumping and warm my extremities up a little. It worked ............. after a fashion.

Once I'd thawed out I set about a massive bike cleaning session. My QR needed sorting out after 4 months sat in a bike box had turned it into a fur bike. My shopper also needed a damn good clean, just to stop it looking like something I've picked up from the scrap yard.

At 5pm it was time to take Rosie for a run over the Burrows. Again I broadcast my intentions to my Tri Club but this time nobody showed. I didn't really expect company but it made sure that I went down there myself. The Burrows are tough and that showed in my time, but I got 6.5miles in so it was all good. Tired now though.


Up at 6:30am this morning I decided I'd pop along the the Tri Club swim session as it's warmer in the pool than it is out on the bike. Today was a nice steady technique type session with a little 12x100m set thrown in for good measure. Nothing over exciting, probably 2500m maximum. After the swim it was off to the track to see what treats Tim had in store for us. There was a nice little gathering today and we all did 5x1600m (4 laps) with 1mins rest in between them. The 1600m's were completed in 6:01, 5:45, 5:50, 5:48, 5:48. The total session was 6.6 miles and we were quite happy to average 6:30 min/miles especially when there were 7mins just strolling around recovering during the session. Once that little lot was over it was time to spend an afternoon in front of the TV watching the football.

Totals for the week

Swim - 2hrs - 5700m
Bike - 3h55m - 56miles
Run - 2h46m - 22.9miles

I know what you're all thinking ..................... Where do I log my gym work, my strength work, my core work, my stretching/yoga/pilates etc etc etc? Let me tell you that if I 'EVER' do any of that stuff then I'll let you know. I promise ;-)

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