Thursday, 11 February 2010

Such a Slacker

I've come to the conclusion that I'm bloody useless at this blogging thing. I've never really got anything to say, when I have got anything to say I'm either nowhere near a computer or I haven't got time to write it down, then when I do get infront of a keyboard I generally forget anything that I'd thought about writting. Also, as I'm not really the sort of person who bares their soul to the world it's a bit of a lost cause really, so I've decided to go back to basics.

I don't tend to have as much time on the computer as some people think and when I'm am here then I'm filling in training logs, checking my Twitter and various run/Tri forums that I belong to. Small short sharp pointed messages are my sort of thing. I read magazines because I can skim through them and pick the bits that I headlines that I want to focus on, I never ever read books because they just don't interest me even if the subject matter ticks all of my interest boxes.

A similar sort of thing applies with computer generated things. I listen to podcasts, lots of them, but then my job means I've got plenty of time on my hands to listen to spoken word. Admittedly not everything I listen to will sink in, if I'm driving through a town or village that requires full concentration or something happens that sends my mind off on a tangent then whatever I'm listening to will become background noise. I'm a man, don't expect me to multitask ;-). So if podcasts are my magazines then blogs are my books, I just never really read any. Occasionally somebody will post an interesting blog title on Twitter and I'll click it for a quick look, if someone comments on here then I might click their name to see what they're up to - but that's about it. I actually feel a bit guilty sometimes writing this guff when I think that people might waste valuable minutes of their life reading it, especially when it's normally as dull as dishwater. I also feel guilty that people come and read this stuff when the chances are that I won't repay them by reading theirs.

So what should I do with it?

Well it's not going to die, but it's basically just going to become a training and race log. I quite enjoy writing long winded race reports and occasionally there's something worth mentioning when I train (not often though). I know there are a few folks out there with a vague interest in what training I'm going to do on the way to Ironman Hawaii if not just to see if it's true that the laziest most disorganised Triathlete on the planet is as slack as he claims to be and to sit there and wonder how fast I could actually be if I followed a structured plan (never likely happen).

So...... the new plan will be to spend 5mins updating it every night, just writing in what (if any) training I've done and log any thoughts on just how tired/fit I feel at the time. There may even be a couple of nuggets of nonsense that spring to mind when I'm typing. Then (hopefully) I'll click the 'PUBLISH' button on a Sunday evening and the weeks worth of training/thoughts will appear for anybody that gives a monkeys. I've no plans to go announcing on Twitter every time I make a new post because popularity isn't a great concern. If I get 2,000 hits a week or just my Sister reads it (she'll read anything) there will be no difference. Of course if you're reading this then I'm not asking you to go away and leave me alone, just warning you that life might not be very interesting unless you're interested in the facts and figures of a Lazy Ironman. Please stay and feel free to make comment and/or abuse as you feel.

Race Reports I'll probably try to write over the space of a couple of days. They tend to be long drawn out affairs because once I get started you never shut me up (this post is proof). The current idea is to publish them midweek so as not to overlay a training post and I will probably stick a link to these on Twitter because they're a bit different and there may be people out there that either did the same race or are thinking of doing it in the future.

That's about it really. I could probably spout more rubbish for another couple of paragraphs but your cuppa is going cold so I'll leave you to it.

Next post will hopefully be on Sunday in some form of training diary format. Lets see how long it lasts ;-)

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Stuart said...

Little and often! Like most things in life I have found consistency is key!