Sunday, 18 July 2010

A few pics from the KernowMan

Setting the Scene - St Michaels Mount Early morning transition set up

The races Moltey Crew having a pre race pic.
Out of the water after swimming around the Island
Pretty bike shot - I really must learn to hold my fat gut in though.Ok, ok................ I just can't go on the move - heck I tried enough

Running into T2 'after' the above pit-stop
Never let it be said that I rush my transitions.
One lap of 3 completed.
Once again ------ I'm not know for rushing things.
There's always time for an aeroplane finish ;-)
and a bit of Usain Bolt action (or is it a teapot?)
A sensible finish for the local rag.Race times are up, I'm happy with that.
Feeling the BURN!!!!!!

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