Thursday, 15 July 2010

Kernow Fest the Preview

First up, a big thanks to Greg and Stuart for their encouraging words in my last post.

Next a quick nutritional word - Did I say I was tempering my junk food diet? Ah well, scrap that! My will power isn't strong enough to avoid the lure of chocolate when I need to keep awake at 4 in the morning. Normal service has resumed.

Training wise - Other than the total lack of training today when I'm off work (I'm blaming the monsoon type conditions outside) I've picked it up nicely. 15 days in and I've done 25hrs, I've already done more cycling than I did in the whole of last month. If I can keep it going then we should be on for a decent monthly total.

My bike has been into my LBS for a bit of TLC and come out with a list of (expensive) things that need doing to it. My ZIPP's need new bearings (again) and pretty much all my running gear needs changing due to wear. That can wait until after this weekends racing though............... I need to chat with the lads about the benefits of aerodynamics when I pop in there next. They tightened up a few of the spokes on my ZIPP's because things were getting a bit sloppy but now some of my bladed aero spokes are in not so aero positions - I'm sure that defeats the object a little!!!!!!

Now to the Kernow Fest - It's a day of three Triathlons, Standard, Half Iron and a 3/4 Iron Distance races. It will come of no suprise to hear that I've entered the longest of the three, but purely as a training event. It's very low key and the field is very small so there's a chance that it could be a very lonely outing although after 40-45miles we might find ourselves merging with the other two races.

The race starts at 6am with a 2.8km sea swim. As it's a sea swim it's subject to change but all being well it will be around the outside of St Michael's Mount which is a small Island just off the coast. Of course it turns out to be rough then the swim will likely be much shorter :-(. After the swim and T1 we're off on a hilly 90mile bike ride, the first 40-45mile loop goes out along the main road to Lands End and then back to Penzance along the Northern Coast Road via St Just & St Ives. When we reach Penzance we'll join the two lap course of the other two races where we'll likely find some company along the way as their race starts 2hrs after ours. The plan is to put a solid shift in on the bike and work as much of it as possible. Once we're off the bike there's just a simple little 10k run to do ...................... 3 times!!!! I've no idea what will happen here, if I can get my head around hammering the bike it might be a struggle, or I might find I can cruise around without any problems. My history with long distance racing has taught me to play it by ear, what will happen will happen, I'll find out on Saturday afternoon.

Hopefully my next post will be a race report and will be posted a lot quicker than things have been lately, I'll do my best for you all ;-)


Tim Donell said...

Best of luck Iain, sure'll you fly round!


G said...

hope it goes very well for you, Lain!