Friday, 2 July 2010

Review of a poor month

Finally June is over and it couldn't end soon enough. It's been a disaster in sooo many ways.

Financially it's been a shocker with bundles of bills and various things at home breaking, but this isn't really about life at home. Bills come for everybody, it's just a thing you deal with. I just hope that I don't end up spending twice what I earn in July too *gulp*.

Racing hasn't been too bad. I picked up a nice win at Burnham on Sea Tri and got schooled into 2nd place at the Croyde Aquathlon. Comfortably posting the fastest run at Croyde was a bonus though, strangly I was fastest at no individual discipline at Burnham, I just put them all together better.

Training has been very disappointing, but I do have my excuses...... The lurgie I picked up just before Burnham dragged on for 3 weeks and messed the plans up. I never really felt physically low,, but when you're coughing and sneezing at the slightest exertion then it makes training for any amount of time or distance a struggle. Of course my laziness is always a factor although if I wasn't so lazy I'd be out on the bike now instead of writing this.
I'm well up on my training for the year still with 215hrs compared to 179hrs in the first 6 months of last year. My target for the year though was to always train more in one month than I did in the following month last year. As Hawaii is a month earlier that Florida was last year I need to compare June training with July 2009, that is not a good comparison. July appears to be the month I started putting the hours in last year and this 33hr training month (my lowest since January) looks very bad when compared to last July's 45.5hrs.

So it's time to knuckle down and get back into things (starting today). I need July's training to match or better last August so that means 48hrs of training and over 30hrs in the saddle. Fingers crossed!!!

Nutritionally I had a half hearted attempt at backing off my normal junk food diet. It went ok for a week but the following week I was back to normal as the work hours piled up and the garage chocolate stops got more frequent. I've also bought some Powerbar Energy Drink to try as it's the drink of choice at Hawaii. My first outing with it last weekend was a disaster as I blew to pieces and crawled home at the end of a 4hr bike ride. In fairness it was hot, hilly, I was getting hammered by my training partner Phill and I didn't take nearly enough drink out with me so I won't blame Powerbar yet.

Anyway, it's time to train I guess.................. better get on with it.


Greg said...

You're being a bit hard on yourself Iain, as you are still posting some outstanding results while battling through illness. I fought the battles with junk food too but saw major results in weight loss and probably speed improvements when I cut it out. Hope your July goes well, it sounds like an aggressive plan!

Stuart said...

Sounds pretty good seeing as you were sick for weeks although I was surprised at the number of hours...but then what do I know I only do one of the things you do!