Saturday, 18 September 2010

Nothing to report!!

So we're 3 weeks out. This is the point where I tell the world how excited I am, how I can't wait for the day, I can't sleep with the anticipation, the day needs to get here NOW! Hmmmm, nope! It still feels like just another race. Still the whole hassle of getting my bike half way across the world (and back) fills me with more dread than any excitement the race can muster.

Still, things are progressing as well as my lazy ass attitude can expect. Last Saturday I finally got a 100mile bike ride in. For all my record breaking bike miles/hours over the last couple of months it will be the only one pre-race, I'm just hoping that all 60-80 mile bike rides I've been doing will convert themself to 100 mile fitness come race day. On the day itself the intensity will be lower and I'll hopefully be well rested. We'll see.

At least now I'm at the stage where nothing I do will make me significantly faster, although a stupid mistake session could still ruin everything. My lack of ability to push myself through any sort of pain threshold means that over-training is still as unlikely as ever though.

Strangely my swim is the biggest concern at the moment. I'm quite happy with my pace, my once a week maintenence sessions should still be plenty good enough to get me round in an hour. I do have a bit of a dodgy shoulder though which plays up in the pool from time to time. Hopefully it's more annoying than damaging. It'll be fine ;-)

The new bike has had it's issues but thankfully Michael at my LBS Bike It was been amazing. Where a lot of folks could have been really off with me for buying my bike online he's understood the reasons for it and has been more than happy to rectify the problems that I've had with it. I do owe Wiggle a slightly whinging email though because all of the problems have been things that'should' have been sorted when it was built, especially with how much the damn thing cost................. I'm still loving the bike though for all it's (hopefully sorted) issues.
So now we're on the final countdown, the race pack is out, the numbers have been issued (mine is 990) and things are all coming together. It looks like there will be no silly haircut again this year, it's just such a hassle to sort and get done. I should therefore blend nicely in with all the other Kona Qualifiers, except of course for my ever present 'muffin top' and of course my UNshaven body. The day I'm quick enough to warrant 'shaving down' is the day I'm very quick indeed!!!

That's it really, there's not a lot to report. My life has mostly been work and training. Tomorrow is the Doone Run, but as I type this we still don't know if I'm racing(???) it or marshalling. I'll bike over anyway which will give me 90mins or so and then I'll play it by ear from there. I might get two laps in yet, I could do with a long run!!
This post is really slack. I'm sorry :-(


The (not so) Reluctant Athlete said...

I think the fact that you're seeing it as "just another race" means you are ready, relaxed, and going to enjoy it for the experience that it is. Or maybe you're just lazy. :)

Iain said...

I think your 2nd guess is spot on ;-)