Saturday, 25 September 2010

Pulling my hair out!!

Everywhere I see Ironman Hawaii and everywhere I read anything about Ironman Hawaii, it's all about folks getting excited in the build up, starting their taper, itching to get over there and onto the course. Me?? Nothing like it. I'm beginning to hate it, I'm back to wondering why I'm bothering, back to wondering if it's all worth the hassle.

Now don't get too concerned, I'm not about to have a mental breakdown and explode. It's fair to say that I'm not in a good place right now. To be honest though, I never am with two weeks to go.

I don't mind flying half way around the world, I quite enjoy it. Taking a bike with you though fills me with dread. The box is oversize and overweight, I always stand in line dreading the airline hitting me with a (highly likely) rediculous charge or even worse telling me that for some reason it can't go. Then I'm left panicing that it'll end up in Germany rather than America, or it'll miss the connecting flight and I'll end up in Kona scrabbling around trying to hire a bike to race on...... I'm sure it won't happen, but I'm a 'glass half empty' sort of person and I'll feel a whole lot better once I'm there and settled.

At this moment in time though the anxieties are hightened as my brand new shiny bike has 'issues'. I don't really want to go into the detail at the moment for fear of slagging off anyone who may end up helping me, or praising someone that may ultimately let me down......... Let's just say that at this time my bike has only one wheel and with time so tight I can't see the issue being sorted before I fly. It may be that the only way to stop my head exploding will be to snap the credit card again on more new carbon. It's rediculous and frustrating but my 'glass half empty' persona tells me this is going to be an expensive arguement that I ultimately lose (or just give up on) and it's happened at the worst possible time.

Of course there's the up side to all of this........ In a weeks time I'll be heading off for a once in a lifetime holiday in the sun. I still won't get excited about the race, but then I never do. I'm sure that I'll go a and swim/bike/run as well as I can on the day and all being well it won't resort in a 15mile Death March to the Finish.

I'll get to meet up with fellow geeky nerdy bloggers like Pablo and Brian which I am really looking forward to. I'll see some old familar faces from the UK which will be good and of course I'll get to mingle with the World Greatest Triathletes at the World Greatest Triathlon. What can be better than that.

It's a dream come true, it's the one race I've always wanted to do that I thought would never happen. It's Ironman Hawaii!!! What is there to worry about, it'll all come good in the end :-D.

Right, I'm off to the bike shop to talk wheels before my head implodes. Credit Card? Check!

Maybe I need a stupid haircut after all, just to lighten myself up a little!!


Brybrarobry said...

I can see where your getting Ironmaned out. You've qualified a year ago and have had a year of Kona on the brain and people talking about it. I've only had 2 months. Poor you need me to call the Whaaaaaambulance. hahaha.

If you need new wheels, not sure if that's it, they are renting sets at Kona for $175, maybe less for only one wheel.

Hey, I'm a lot of things, a jerk, an A-hole, a drunk, a loser, an idiot, but I ain't no geek or nerd. hahaha.

Keep you're chin up, we're almost there. Try to keep relaxed and I love the hair, I'd go with the one that matches your tri suit. Loving it. Like they say, if you're going to do Kona, do it with a "cool du". haha.


The (not so) Reluctant Athlete said...

Chin up, you're almost done! Then you can talk about the time you did Kona, like it was no big thang. :) Travel safe!