Thursday, 6 January 2011

Hello. Remember Me?

Heck, what's happened to this blog? Where's it gone?
I've never been the most prolific blogger, there just isn't enough going on in my sheltered little life to post every day as some do. That and the fact that my sheltered home/work life isn't something I'm overly comfortable talking about limits my options slightly. Even so, a gap of close to two months is a big gap in anybodies book. Especially when that gap has included a couple of races, Christmas, my Birthday and even the UK's snow standstill. I'm sure I could have found things in amongst that little lot to splurge on about.
So, it's a new year and hopefully a new(ish) start to my training, racing and blogging personna - or (more likely) it'll just be the same old me spouting the same old crap!!!
So, a quick update! Where do I start?
Cornish Marathon (the last video post) - Was good fun, I started like an idiot and blew to pieces. Nothing new there then!
NDTC Kristmas Kaper - I didn't race this year, just did the race starting on poolside then set off shopping to but goodies for the ill-fated chunder mile which didn't even start! Mince pie anyone? I did take an 'interesting' little video clip from poolside (below) and you can find pics/results from the race HERE.

My Birthday was just my birthday. I worked as normal which left very little time, but the pressies and cards were great (even at my age) and Shelly even got my tickets to go see the Villa v Tottenham game on Boxing Day. It was a great day out and took me right back to my old Season Ticket days, even if the result wasn't as I'd hoped in this dreadful season that Villa are having :-(
Next up came the Christmas holiday (with that footy game). More pressies, more cards, more time getting fed and watered by the family. Nice!!! We also managed to sneak in the Wheaton Aston 10k while we were up there. Wheaton Aston is flat and fast, it's the course where I set my second fastest ever 10k time. Not this year though!!! As normal I started like an idiot and just hung on for as long as I could, finally finishing 16th in 37:13. It's a good 2m30s off my best, but that was 10 years ago when I was lean and mean so I won't complain about it. New Years Eve was quiet, I don't think either of us have any great passion for the event. We stayed in, drinking wine and watching TV then flicked over in time to watch the (quite immense) London Fireworks - that'll be where the 2.5% VAT rise goes then!!! Then we went and crashed out ready for the Tri Club NYD meet up at Woolacombe where we go for an off road scenic run, a group (15+) of hardy souls (not me) run into the sea for a bracing dip and then we stuff our faces with bacon sandwiches at training buddy Tim's beachside apartment. Good fun all round.
So what's left? I'm not really sure although I'm sure I'll think of loads as soon as I've pressed "Publish". I've got a few of races lined up for the months ahead (Braunton 10, Taunton Aquathlon, Grizzly) and I've entered Taunton Sprint Tri for the first time in 5 years, it'll be fun to see how my time compares to the past - hopefully it's better!!
So that's it I think. As always there's nothing too exciting, no massive multi-million pound bike/shoe sponsors to report, no training with the Ironman stars of the world. Just me, Shelly and the mutt, muddling along as normal ;-)

I'll try not to leave it so long next time!!

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