Saturday, 15 January 2011


So it's only natural that after talking (bragging) with people on Twitter about how I never get injured or ill then something was bound to happen. I'm just thankful that it wasn't an injury!!
After writting my blog last week and sorting all manner of other training logs etc I felt as though I was ready to settle down to some half decent training. That afternoon I took the pup out for our regular 7 mile jaunt and I was simply awful!!! My legs didn't seem to have any energy at all and I had to take two walk breaks just to get myself round. Initially I just put it down to the crap factor I was feeling after a hard return week to work after the holidays, but when I got up for work on Saturday morning (1am) it was clear that the bad run was just the early signs of something more sinister.

For the rest of the weekend I was a total mess as I coughed, sneezed and sniffed my way around everything. Thoughts went through my head about going out to bury myself for 10miles on a kill or cure training session, it's something I've done before with relative success (although I've wiped myself out a few times too).
Strangly though after mentioning the dreaded lurgie on the social phenomenons that are Daily Mile and Twitter people started pointing out to me that I hadn't really had any time off since Kona, it may actually be the ideal time to take a little break. So that's exactly what I (thought I) did!
My other saving grace when it comes to illness is that I never 'seem' to be ill for long and while I know people who've been sick since before Christmas I was fairly confident this thing would blow over pretty sharpish and it seemed I was right when by Wednesday I was back to normal, I was quite enjoying the lazy lifestyle though so I decided I'd give myself the full week off afterall.

Friday came along and I was enjoying the new 'couch potato' lifestyle and I really didn't want to get back into training mode. That's really annoying when you've seen so many people who have to take time off and they're buzzing when they come back, they can't get out of the door quick enough.

I finally got my butt into gear and headed out with the pup expecting to fly down the road with these fresh legs that have been sitting recovering all week......... Ah, it doesn't really happen like that!! I suffered! I started steady and just couldn't have got any quicker if I'd have wanted to, it must just be first day back syndrome (I hoped).

Then I went swimming and made the big discovery, MY DAMN LURGIE HADN'T GONE!!! It must have just been hibernating because by the end of the session I was coughing so much I thought I was going to leave my lungs in the pool.

So what now? More time off? Not a chance, I'm back with this thing now until it's gone. It's had a chance, now we kill this thing my way!!! Next weekend is Braunton 10, if it's not all cleared up by then it can look out.


JohnP said...

Dude, treat this recovery time with 110% effort. If you're gonna do the couch potatoe thing, then go all out! Don't hold back. Get well, rest up and come back strong.

Halfassing it with workouts is only going to prolong the bad feelings.

Iain said...

Thanks John. I had tried to give the recovery the full beans although long and unsociablework hours prevent me from doing that properly. I did genuinely think it had all cleared up by the Wednesday but still took a couple of 'bonus' days. It wasn't until I pushed myself in training at the pool that it really resurfaced. I'm back on training now though and do feel as if it's just a case of clearing the dregs......... Beasting my way through these things is my normal approach and (touch wood) it's very rare that I've regretted it :-D ............. Finers crossed!!