Sunday, 23 January 2011

Braunton! - Injury?

Ok, lets go back a week to my last blog post

So it's only natural that after talking (bragging) with people on Twitter about how I never get injured or ill then something was bound to happen. I'm just thankful that it wasn't an injury!!

Yup, guess what? I've picked up what seems to be more than just my normal niggle. I hate to say the 'I' word, but it looks like an injury is upon me - and really I can only blame myself.

On Monday night our small group of lunatics hit the track for a SESSION! which on the face of it didn't look too hard. Tuesday morning however I woke up feeling as though Shelly had been punching my in my lower back all night AND I'd swopped hamstrings with someone half my size. The problem didn't seem to be too much of an issue, my back is a well known weak point and I just put it all down to after workout tightness. The main annoyance was that my job involving sitting on my arse for hours on and and then throwing heavy stuff around seemed to be the worst thing possible and every day I came home feeling worse than when I'd left.

I had my planned Tuesday rest day, then had a bonus day off on Wednesday as I was off work on Thursday and had the whole day to train.

Thursday wasn't so good when I awoke and felt like a slab of concrete. I ended up spending most of the day sat on the sofa watching TV or on the computer annoying people on Twitter. Thanks to Twitter however I did haul myself off to the pool where I needed to get in my #sillyswimcomp and #winterswim efforts in. I was concerned my back would ruin my swim, that it would wreck any attempts to turn, but after warming up it was fine and although the 'ache' never left it also never got any worse.

Bouyed by my Thursday swim I attempted a run with the pup after work on Friday. As with my swim it really wasn't too bad although it was obvious from the start that there was no way I could run 'fast' 7 miles was dispatched comfortably enough. Bonus!!! My Friday night swim was also very successful, not without it's aches and pains, but I actually swam pretty damn well.
Saturday I met up with my clubmate pal Dave for a 40mile bike ride. Other than my back making it awkward for me to get on or off my bike it all went great. I didn't even get my normal freezing fingers due to the discovery that a pair of latex gloves under my normal bike gloves work wonders!

Then came Race Day and BRAUNTON 10!!! I have a nasty tradition of running two laps here as training for THE GRIZZLY but I knew in advance that was never on so I popped down to the pool for the early morning Tri Club Session. I struggled a little in the pool and then ran the mile from home to the race start still undecided about actually racing. Needless to say I raced and the tale of it IS HERE so I won't bore you with it now, the upshot is that my shrunken hamstrings lasted 9 miles before they threw their toys out of the pram in disgust with me.

So now my words have come back to haunt me TWICE, last week with illness and this week with injury! It could be worse though, a lot worse. Although I haven't been able to see anyone yet I'm fairly confident it's not anything too major. Nothing snapped and my legs/back still appear to have a full range of motion, I just have to be very careful achieving that range. I'm fully expecting to end up missing out on running for a couple of weeks (Rosie won't be happy). I'll be rigging the turbo trainer up tomorrow in a hope that my body will allow me to ride the bike instead.

Heck, it's January, I don't need them until November!! Plenty of time yet :-D

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runningfairy said...

Annoying you feel so poop! Hope the physio goes well on Thurs and hopefully the rest will make you feel better. Agreed it is sods law and annoying but like you said you have till November so am sure you'll be reet :)