Monday, 7 February 2011

Ironman Dilemma

I'm not going to beat about the bush......... I'm thinking about pulling the plug on Ironman Florida!!

It's not something I've thought long and hard about, but then nor was entering really. So what's behind it?

Well, it all started today, 3 weeks after I initially tweaked my injury started. The original strain was made worse after a week at work, a massage helped, then another week at work put it back again. Last Thursday another painful massage session helped and yesterday I even rode my bike for 50miles, things were looking up. Then today I go into work and by the time I'm half way through my run I've pulled my back and it now feels worse than it ever has done.So the sensible option is to take time off work, but how much time? A week? A month? Problem is though that I can't really afford to do that because I've a trip to Florida to pay for and my full wages will struggle to cover it, the money I'll get if I'm off sick won't get close.
Of course there's also the issue that I'm now on my 3rd week off running, how long can I leave it before I start to lose huge chunks of my fitness? How long before Ironman starts to become a case of just getting round rather than getting round in a time?

Of course the main concern is financial and this injury has given me plenty of time to think logically about it rather than just thinking of the race. We knew from the offset that if I entered Florida and got in we would have to resort to 'extra borrowing' to finance the trip. In it's own little way that's not an issue except for the fact that there are other things we want (need) to tie in with it all and Shelly is getting to the point where she's thinking about spending (flights/accomodation/car etc). Then of course there is the next imposing issue. What if (I said IF) I end up qualifying for Kona again? We won't turn the trip down, but at what cost? We love IM Florida (except for the drafting). We've met friends over there and we've got old friends racing. I'd desperately love another crack at Kona too. BUT four trips across the pond to race Ironman is going to prove rediculously expensive, especially when we currently seem to have more money going out than coming in. Do I really want to risk making this injury last longer than is necessary just so that I can earn a little bit extra. Sometimes I should let my head rule my heart, I'm kina thinking this is one of those times.
Why now? Well at this moment in time all that's been paid for is the race. I know I'll lose a shedload of money on it which really wrangles with me (they won't defer!!), but sometimes you have to take it on the chin and cut your cloth to suit your circumstances.

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions!!!


JohnP said...

Not a Problem.

Send me your Identification and I will simply show up as you and do the race for you. Problem solved!

We kinda look alike, they wouldn't know! :)

Iain said...

Sounds like a plan to me :-D

Peter said...

Having a similar cash dilemma at the moment trying to find the money for first tri bike, but the arrival of first born has put it on hold, apparently I cant sell him to raise the cash

Iain said...

That's pretty miserable. I can't believe anybody would object at you doing that .............. I could always try selling the dog, but people would come back after a refund.

Lena said...

Awful as it sounds, I think pulling out is probably the right thing to do, and get fully repaired. Sorry that it has come to this though.

Iain said...

Thanks Lena... I'm sure I'll hold fire on any big decision making until we really HAVE to start booking things up. If by then I'm fit and healthy (I hope) I may wonder what this post was all about and I'll be back to ignoring the financial aspect until after :-D