Friday, 3 February 2012

Just stuff.

Heck, it's the 3rd of February. I haven't posted anything for a full month and there's been so much going on.............. (sort of).

First up - the coaching is now in full effect and jeez it's a big difference to what I'm used to. The idea that having  someone to answer to and having sessions written out for me seems to be working, so far! Of course it's far to early to say whether I'm any fitter, any quicker, or more importantly whether I'll be stronger in October.

For your amusement here's January's totals. 2011 in RED and 2012 in BLUE 

Swim ---------- 7hrs/4hrs 

Bike ----------- 8h05m/31h44m (more than Jan, Feb & Mar combined last year) 

Run ------------ 8h35m/14h55m 

Total ---------- 23h40m/50h40m a monthly total I only beat once in the whole of 2011!!! 

Fingers crossed it'll all be worth in in October, so long as I survive that long..................... So far so good though.

So it's all starting well, the miles are piling up and my legs are feeling fine. I'm also losing my excess Winter weight already which is a head start on any other year. My only race so far this year has been Braunton 10 miler which was my last session of my initial 3 week build and right at the end of the huge month (above). Going into the race I was slightly concerned that tiredness would take over and I'd struggle to break 65mins, especially after 4.5hrs of training the day before. As it turned out though I ran well to clock 1:02:40 which was good enough for 11th place overall on what is a damn hilly course. Admittedly I was very poor on the two big climbs but I was also very strong running off them and I had the bonus of zero leg stiffness in the days that followed which was a bonus.......

In other news Rosie pup impaled herself on a stick (or similar) while we were out running over Crow Point last weekend. It was a big worry for a while and I had to borrow a phone to call Shelly out to pick her up. In typical 'tough as nails' Rosie style though she was running around like a lunatic within minutes on me making the call, even with blood running down her leg.
An expensive trip to the vets later to get her wounds cleaned out and stapled beck together means she'll soon be as good as new. There's no running for her for 10 days though and she looks like a right pillock walking around the place in a tee-shirt of mine to stop her licking her wounds.

That'll do for now, I need to get some sleep (yaaaaaaaaaawn). I'll try not to leave the next post as long and I'll also try to put a bit more useful info on it. Cee Ya.

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Simon said...

Dude, you are amazing, I can't believe how little you do and seemingly blitz Kona Qualification. Respect! You lazy ass! Imagine how good you'd be if you actually trained?