Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Back to work

Wow, Christmas and New Year are over, where did the time go? Happy 2012!! It's two months to the day that I was lining up on the beach to race Ironman Florida and it's hard to believe how much fitness I've lost and weight I've put on in that time, although if you saw how much chocolate, cakes and mince pies I've demolished over the holiday period you'd have a fair idea where the weight has come from.

So Christmas was Christmas and like the spoilt child that I am I had far too many presents for my own good. From tiny toys to Disc Wheel covers, from socks to jackets, from cash towards Kona to ..... erm, cash towards Kona. It's fair to say I was spoilt again :-D.

I actually managed to race twice too. On Christmas Eve we diverted our drive to see the family in the Midlands and called into Killerton Park, near Exeter to do the Park Run with Rosie where we finished 3rd overall on a muddy & slippery course, including a doggy type pit stop. Park Run is a FREE 5k run series that is held at 9am every Saturday at parks all around the country.
Then on the 27th of December I managed to drag myself around the Wheaton Aston 10k in 37:16 which was thankfully a little quicker than last year, although with almost perfect weather conditions I suspect it's really a slower performance that the 2010 snow-fest.

Since then training has been a bit mixed. New Years Eve was nice and chilled at home and I did the traditional NDTC New Years Day run and breakfast. Being a bit of a wimp I skipped the sea swim again in order to be able to feel my hands when I had my breakfast. I left that for the hardcore element instead..
In other news I've finally taken the plunge and signed up to be coached starting from the 9th January. My first week on 'the plan' is longer than my biggest week training for Ironman Florida! So either I'm going to have to pull my finger out and get training or changes will have to be made. In theory I should be able to manage it all ok, but I need to get my head round it first which is the hard part. I'll let you know more about how it's panning out when I get into it.

That'll have to do for now, I'm rapidly running out of time and don't want this to be the 5th post I've started but never finished. Until next time folks!!

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